New humorous,Victorian-style light romance: Chilverton Park

At the heart of this charming, humorous romance lies an unusual attachment between the gay, confirmed bachelor about London, Sir Erskine Wald, and  his childhood friend, the winsome but delicate daughter of the Earl of Chilverton, Lady Caroline Downey.  Lady Caroline, who earnestly wishes to remain single, reveals her intention to Sir Erskine who eventually acknowledges that they have that aim in common.  But avoiding marriage in Victorian England is an admittedly tricky business.  Lady Caroline’s Aunt Clara is determined to oppose her at every step and begins a program of ill-conceived interference which brings Sir Erskine to Lady Caroline’s aid in league with his mother, the formidable Mrs. Hortensia Wald.  Lady Caroline manages, with their help, to stay above the Victorian era intrigue surrounding her until her Aunt Clara contrives to corner her in an almost inescapable dilemma.


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