The epitome of Tea Drinker’s novels

One of my favorite books of all time, Brinkley Manor by P. G. Wodehouse, has to be the first book reviewed on this page. A funny, lively romp through the high society of Edwardian England. This romantic comedy novel is the second Wodehouse novel featuring Wodehouse’s most famous characters, Bertie Wooster and Bertie’s valet, Jeeves. Brinkley Manor is characteristic of other Wodehouse novels in that it is a funny, gentle satire of the upper classes during the Edwardian era in England. Bertie and Jeeves once again find themselves at Aunt Dahlia’s home, and must sort out the various romantic problems concerning Bertie’s cousin and friends, all without getting in a sticky situation while doing it. If you enjoy British humor, this book will make you very happy.

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